We'd like to share our success with others.

Don't you want this, too?

Please help us to being able to save and improve our living conditions.

Nature, climate and our fellow creatures need active social and financial help to protect our worldwide resources and save our global future.

Regularly we ask our suppliers not to send any presents for christmas or commercial purpose.
Instead of this we ask them to transfer a for them appropriate amount of money to our bank account for our incentive Global Life.

Annually we make a donation ourselves into this incentive.
The income is distributed among several environmental, humanitarian or educational projects or incentives.


Organzations receiving donations in 2014:


-Rettet den Regenwald (www.regenwald.org)

-WWF World Wildlife Found (www.wwf.de)

-Worldvision (www.worldvision.de)

-Animal shelter Tegernseer Tal (www.tierheim-rottach.de)

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