Multifunctional allrounders

Based on our oiltemperature regulator of series X1.202. also our new BTM model X1.439.*).000 offers the well known advantages!

The BTM-Multifunction-Oiltemperature regulator with integrated oilfilter connection offers additional advantages to the user:

  • Reducing costs because of replacing unnecessary oil pipelines and fittings, seperate oilfilter and our thermostat, oil precleaner, check valve, fast/slow down discharge control and oil control assembly with oil sight glass.

  • Most effective mixing of the oil streams inside the combined housing for thermostatic valve and oilfilter.

  • Minimizing assembly time, servicing and maintenance costs, as well as breakdowns and oil leakings due to less valves and pipework and integrated high temperature control.

Possible optional features and further advantages please find on page 2.

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