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Wax elements, their manufacturing processes and their application to regulation have been well understood for decades. However, the wax element high-pressure principle is far from obsolete.
Even the most up-to-date requirements can be met using this simple, yet extremely effective, precise and, above all, reliable technology.

Our wax elements have a straightforward design and a pressure tight housing which is open on one side. The open side is sealed off with a membrane or an elastomer insert.

A piston rests on the membrane or elastomer insert. The wax element is filled with a substance that expands dramatically when heated. The increase in volume that results is transmitted to a piston via the membrane or the elastomer insert.

The piston is then pushed out of the wax element and assumes a variable function. A spring element is required to reposition the piston when cooled. It is, therefore, essentially a temperature-controlled high-pressure hydraulic actuator with very high operating power.

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