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Temperature switches: First and foremost to prevent engine overheating!

The main application for temperature switches is controlling electrical cooling fans in the engine cooling circuit. They are required to prevent the engine overheating in certain situations. There is a danger of over-heating at extreme conditions or working at full load.

ACS supplies temperature switches that are also based on the thermally expanding wax principle an not on a cheap bimetal solution!

This is why you can always rely on the outstanding quality and durability of our first class temperature switches.

When the coolant reaches a certain temperature, the wax inside the switch increases in volume. This expansion pushes out a piston which switches on a fan. If the temperature then drops below a certain value, the wax contracts and the fan is turned off.
A single temperature switch can be used to switch the fan on and off or one temperature switch can be used to turn the fan on and another to turn it off.
We can supply you with thermal switches made to your specifications up to an operating voltage of 24 V.

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