Wahler thermostat alternatives from ACS
Wahler thermostat alternatives from ACS:
the safe coolant solution for vehicles

Wahler thermostat alternatives from ACS:

the safe coolant solution for vehicles

Every motorised vehicle depends on the safe and reliable cooling of its engine and its technical components. This requires a thermostat that precisely records the temperature in its cooling system at all times and adjusts the flow of coolant accordingly. Many manufacturers in the industry rely on our Wahler alternative thermostats as tried-and-tested technology from Germany. We, too, are convinced by the quality of this thermostat and offer additional components for a first-class cooling system.

What is a Wahler alternative thermostat used for?

Motorised vehicles rely on permanent cooling, to ensure the metallic components of their engines do not overheat and become damaged during the combustion process. The flow of the coolant must be constantly monitored and adjusted, according to the current engine temperature and drive power. Similar to heating systems in the private and commercial sectors, this is carried out by a thermostat whose integrated expansion component ensures automated regulation.

The Wahler alternative thermostat is suitable for regulating the coolant temperature for almost every vehicle from well-known manufacturers and series. Easily installed with a securely fitted seal, the thermostat permanently monitors and adjusts the flow of coolant. Depending on the temperature of the engine, the coolant is routed around the engine block or directed to the radiator to lower the temperature.

What are the benefits of this special thermostat?

In motor vehicles, the cooling system must work properly at all times. Even a brief malfunction of the cooling system can lead to severe, irreparable engine damage. With a Wahler alternative thermostat from ACS, manufacturers get tried-and-tested technology from Germany, with durable, reliable components.

A Wahler alternative thermostat is easy to install. The included thermostat seal supplies also meet the highest standards. As a self-regulating system, this thermostat is in constant use and requires little maintenance.

Thanks to the versability of the manufacturer, a Wahler thermostat alternative from ACS can be retrofitted when replacing a defective cooling thermostat. This is why auto repair shops and other companies in the industry trust the quality they get from ACS and choose these thermostats for their customers’ spare or replacement parts.

The optimal cooling system – thanks to ACS

We know that a modern cooling system depends on many components. From sensors, buttons and the right seal, to the thermostat and expansion element, many individual pieces play a role in keeping the temperature just right – not only in vehicles. For this reason, we develop coordinated systems that are much greater than the sum of its parts.

We help manufacturers of special vehicles implement new cooling systems in their series, by using our same expertise for stationary machines and systems that rely on precise regulation via thermostats for cooling oil or water. In addition to the Wahler alternative thermostat, we will also be happy to explain the benefits and advantages of our other products. The result: an optimised air conditioning or cooling system that will impress you and your customers for many years to come.

Questions about Wahler alternative thermostats? ACS is here to help!

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