„Made in Germany“ -
with no subsequent incalculable risks.


A product is only as good as the components that it contains.

The reason of our worldwide success in the field of cooling and regulating technology is based on our quick and flexible order handling, our technical application know-how and last but not least on our high quality products. Due to an optimized and slim sales organization we can keep prices low for you.

All products we supply are based on latest technical knowledge and are on top level concerning design, technology and application know how. Due to a latest continuous optimization of these features our first class industrial products come into being - almost hundred percent 'MADE IN GERMANY'.

Don't let yourself be fooled by cheap copies!

In the application fields of your and our products, this means mostly in absolutely heavy duty ranges of different branches of industries, quality and easy servicing are the decisive features for a longer product life and high product reliability.

Good quality always pays off.