Oil temperature regulators for pipework installations
Oil temperature regulators for pipework installations

Specialists in oil thermostatsfor in-line installation

Reliable temperature control is crucial in machines and systems where oil and water/glycol are used as coolants. ACS oil temperature regulators for in-line installation meet high quality standards and assure you of reliable control at flow rates between 0.5 and 20 cubic meters per hour. Our entire series works according to the expansion principle and combines precise control of the oil temperature with uncomplicated assembly.

Easily retrofit the oil thermostats for in-line installation

Monitoring the oil and water/glycol temperature of your vehicles and machines is essential for proper functioning. Overheating the lubricant significantly increases the risk of engine and transmission damage. Our oil thermostats for in-line installation withstand the toughest conditions and offer you maximum reliability in all common areas of application. We are constantly developing our thermostats to meet the latest standards in the industry.

Our thermostats are used as standard in countless devices and motors from well-known manufacturers. This speaks to the high quality standards we have met for years and shows how well-established our tried-and-tested products are. Installation in your existing machines and motors is also possible and provides your equipment with perfect and precise cooling and lubrication. With our metric and imperial housing connections, installation is simple and uncomplicated. Increasing the cooling performance of your equipment with products from ACS is perfect for an industrial environment, but also offers benefits in the realm of motor sports.

Advantages of ACS oil thermostats

By purchasing an ACS oil temperature regulator, you choose proven quality with a wealth of advantages. Let the following product features convince you:

  • low weight and compact dimensions
  • high constructive freedom for position-independent installation
  • insensitive to static and dynamic pressure in the cooling system
  • safe and uncomplicated replacement of individual components
  • manual emergency adjustment possible as an option
  • absolutely maintenance-free in all components


The high resilience of our thermostats also protects against vibrations and physical impacts. After retrofitting, your new control technology can cope with all the requirements of everyday work. This increases the reliability of your engines, compressors and other systems to the max. Our team is happy to advise you on which model for regulating oil and water/glycol temperature meets your needs.

Additional accessories for professional control technology

With the purchase of an oil thermostat for in-line installation, you make a fundamental contribution to the safe and long-lasting operation of your engines and systems. In our product portfolio, you will find additional accessories with which you can positively influence your control technology in all industrial areas. Our temperature switches act as sensors to determine the exact temperature, which is an important feature for precise control. In addition to solutions for pipe installation, we also offer thermostats for direct housing installation and multifunction thermostats. With the right inserts and other accessories, ACS gives you the optimal system that meets your technical needs.

Questions about oil and water/glycol thermostats for pipe installation? We’re here to help!

Whether for metric threads, as a flange or pipe connection – with ACS you can be sure to achieve reliable temperature control in every design. Make use of our experts’ personal advice to find out more about our tried-and-tested technical solutions and to select tailor-made equipment for your purposes.

Take advantage of our experience in countless industrial sectors and find the right equipment for your cooling system online. We are happy to advise you on all aspects of conversion and installation in order to benefit from efficient technology at a price-conscious level. Our oil thermostats for pipe installation and other equipment are available at a fair price-performance ratio.