Heavy-duty thermostat inserts
Heavy-duty thermostat inserts

Thermostat inserts: suitable for all loads

Powerful thermostat inserts are always used when precision is required under high loads. Thanks to the precise control and high reliability of our inserts, we have been impressing our customers for years. We ensure optimal solutions on a permanent basis and with constant improvements.

Thermostat inserts that meet the highest demands

Our thermostat inserts are indestructible hard workers that are reliable under very high loads. Among other things, they are used to cool circuits in large engines in commercial vehicles, ships and locomotives and can be used at a flow rate of around 30 m3/h. The ring slide principle we use ensures sufficient relief of the expansion element, allowing our thermostats to work reliably even under very high hydraulic loads. The high functional reliability and longevity of our thermostats offer precise control and regulation which is particularly important. Because of this, you can safely use the products we offer in a wide variety of scenarios.

Flexible solutions with our map ring slide thermostat inserts

For specific situations, we offer map ring slide thermostat inserts. In these inserts, an electrical heating resistor is integrated into the expansion material. This means that the temperature of the heating resistor can be regulated via the engine management map. This enables you to regulate two different temperature levels with just one thermostat, for example. Because of this, it is possible to achieve more engine power or a longer service life for engines. This allows you to benefit from lower consumption and also from lower emissions. If you would like to know more about these solutions and the various advantages, we will of course be happy to speak with you.

Quality our customers can rely on

Since we know that many of our customers place the highest demands on our thermostats and often use them in critical applications, we ensure the functionality and performance of our products through extensive quality tests. We only use high-quality materials that have been thoroughly tested so that we can actively influence the service life of our products. We offer reliability, easy replacement in an emergency and an extensive service warehouse with suitable spare parts for our customers. If you need thermostat inserts immediately due to damage, you can obtain them from us quickly and easily.

We offer our customers individualised solutions

While most of the products in our range will suit the needs of most customers, we know that there are always situations that require specialised solutions. Our experts are equipped to respond to these situations and are able to develop customer-specific solutions. Simply contact us if we cannot cover your individual needs with our existing product range. Together, we will find a suitable solution.

Questions about our products? We’re happy to help

Do you have questions about our thermostat inserts or the various products in our portfolio? No problem! We are happy to answer any of your questions. Our experts are available to offer comprehensive advice if you are not sure about certain components. We look forward to welcoming you as a customer of our company.