Thermal Working Elements
Thermal Working Elements

Expansion elements are an essential part of thermostatic control devices for efficient cooling and heating systems. These special components make it possible to automate adjustments to the cold and hot water mixture as well as the oil, allowing the temperature of cooling and heating systems, machines and plants to remain constant.

As an experienced supplier of expansion elements, we offer the right components for your system. We would be happy to advise you on which expansion element fits your thermostat and how you can achieve a coordinated system solution.

Why do you need expansion elements?

The expansion element in a thermostat ensures that the desired temperature is constantly maintained without requiring external adjustments. The element consists of a housing and a piston, which is enclosed by an expansion material. Depending on the design and purpose of the element, these expansion materials are available:

    • Oil
    • Wax
    • Hard paraffin

The external temperature causes the expansion material to change its volume. This moves the piston in the expansion element, so that valve control is implemented in the thermostat. Depending on the position of the piston, the cold water and cold oil flow is regulated in order to keep the temperature in the heating and cooling system at a constant level.

Expansion elements: the heart of your automated thermostat

Self-acting expansion elements are the core of our thermostats and thermostat inserts. The expansion material regulates the stroke and the actuating force in interaction with the membrane or the elastomer insert. The maintenance-free, long-lasting and high-quality expansion elements can be manufactured individually according to your specifications. ACS offers these in a large number of variants with actuating forces from 30 N to 2.500 N, small or large strokes and a variety of control ranges for temperatures between -20 ° C and +130 ° C. The material of the elements can be adjusted depending on the surrounding medium. Brass, aluminium and stainless steel, as well as other options, are possible.

The simple principle of expansion elements

When the self-acting expansion element is heated, the volume of the expansion material increases and moves the piston in the process. If the temperature drops again, the volume is reduced and a spring pushes the piston back into its starting position. The construction and control principle of expansion elements has been in use for decades, but the so-called expansion material high pressure principle is by no means outdated. Even the most modern requirements can be met with this simple but extremely effective, precise and, above all, reliable technology. The structure of one of our expansion components consists of a pressure-resistant housing that is open on one side. This open side is closed by a membrane or an elastomer insert, each including a working piston.

How the elements work

The self-acting element is filled with an expansion material that expands significantly when heated. The expansion material is responsible for the temperature control range as well as for the control characteristics. The expansion material’s increase in volume is transferred to the working piston via the membrane or the elastomer insert, which means that it moves out of the self-acting element and performs an actuating function. A resilient element is required to reset the working piston when it cools down. It is therefore basically a temperature-controlled hydraulic high-pressure actuator with a very large actuating force.

We offer expansion elements for the following:

    • Thermostat inserts
    • Integral thermostats
    • Map thermostats
    • Housing thermostats
    • Wax elements
    • Temperature switches and sensors
    • Transmission and engine oil temperature regulators
    • Expansion material elements for use in coolants, oil and fuel

Whether in the onshore or offshore marine sector, in agricultural machinery, in stationary or mobile hydraulics – our expansion elements are the perfect fit everywhere.

What are the advantages of an expansion element from ACS?

The biggest advantage of an ACS expansion element is the end result of a fully self-regulating thermostat system. You are able to set a target temperature on the thermostat, after which a continuous, automatic comparison with the actual temperature takes place. Depending on whether this is currently too high or too low, the expansion element independently adjusts the cold-water inflow for admixture through its volume change.

By choosing an expansion element from ACS, you can be sure of the highest quality. As specialists in the regulation and control of heating and cooling systems on the basis of water or oil, we can guarantee a tried and tested solution that has been established worldwide. An expansion material in the thermostat works precisely and ensures that the system temperature is perfectly regulated over the years. We would be happy to personally show you even more advantages of our modern expansion elements.

Other components for your thermostat

In addition to an expansion element, you will receive many other quality components from us, with which you can safely and carefully control your heating and cooling systems. Our experts are happy to recommend innovative housing thermostats in which the appropriate expansion element for your application has already been installed. Together with our thermostats and other components, you can use a thermostat from ACS to control the temperature for all industrial and commercial purposes.

If you already have a coordinated cooling or heating system, an expansion element from ACS is ideal for targeted replacement. Make a valuable contribution to the maintenance or servicing of your devices and rely on our products for decades of tried-and-tested quality.

High-quality expansion elements – made in Germany

Our expansion elements are the result of the latest technical knowledge. We operate our quality testing and technical sales in Germany and have the highest quality standards for our products. In addition to the high quality and durability of our products, our international customer base trusts our flexible and speedy order processing and first-class service. Our comprehensive customer service extends from project planning to after-sales service. The ACS technicians develop a perfect solution in cooperation with the customer, tailored to their needs.

Expansion elements: contact us now for expert advice

With high-quality products made in Germany, ACS ensures safe and quality-conscious equipment and will take great care of your company. In a direct discussion with our experts, you can find out which elements suit your purposes or which existing thermostat you can complement with components from ACS.

If you have any further questions about us as an expansion element supplier and project developer, please contact us. We offer personal advice to customers from all industries in order to find tailor-made solutions for all aspects of regulation and control technology for cooling and heating systems. We can be reached by phone or online  and are happy to arrange an appointment with you as soon as possible. We can advise you in the selection of a suitable expansion element. You’ll be totally satisfied with our German-made expansion elements!