Oiltemperature regulators for housing installation
Oiltemperature regulators for housing installation

Oil thermostatsfor housing installation

As a coolant, oil is the leading medium in engines, gearboxes, systems and compressors. For compact installation, the oil thermostat for housing installation is the most important alternative to pipe connections. We at ACS offer high-quality components for cooling systems in numerous areas of application and industries. Choose from our oil temperature regulators and suitable accessories in order to benefit from safe operation and precise control of your system’s temperature.

Oil thermostats for housing installation: compact solution for safe regulation of operating temperature

From operating plant to vehicle construction, high-quality control technology to regulate the coolant and lubricant oil temperature is essential. Maintenance of original thermostats or the installation of modern control technology often takes place in a very confined space. By using an oil thermostat with housing installation, you can cope with these cramped space conditions and accommodate the control technology directly in the housing of machines and systems. Despite the reduced dimensions, you are guaranteed absolutely safe operation and the highest level of reliability in the control technology.

You can use our thermostats in control blocks and many-fold blocks, for example, and the same applies to hydraulic drive axles or cooler housings. In all these areas, built-in thermostats that can be used both directly and without connection are required. By using a housing installation thermo bypass valve, you bypass the usual piping, which in turn saves space around your cooling system. In this way, you avoid complicated in-house constructions that are difficult to implement and cause technical complications.

Advantages of housing installation oil thermostats

With an oil thermostat for the housing of your technical components, you are choosing a reliable, high-quality brand with a multitude of advantages. The qualitative features of our ACS thermostats include:

  • high resilience to many physical impacts
  • virtually maintenance-free use for many years
  • low weight and compact dimensions
  • easy replacement of all components
  • low pressure drop in every type of use


Please indicate your required technical specifications when ordering so that our housing installation oil thermostats exactly fit your needs. From the flow rate to the thread connection to the desired opening start, we will be happy to manufacture the right thermostat for you. A cost-conscious implementation is guaranteed and provides a complete alternative to expensive in-house constructions.

Additional accessories for your engines, gearboxes and systems

In order to benefit from optimised cooling technology and reliable coolant-flow control, ACS has even more tried-and-tested solutions for your engines, gearboxes, systems and compressors. Use our multi-function thermostats or models for pipe installation in order to adapt them to your technical equipment. We have temperature switches and sensors for precise temperature measurement available in every system area. We have inserts and other components suitable for every housing installation oil thermostat, which makes connection and operation easy and stress-free.

Contact us to order oil thermostats at a reasonable price

Our cooling technology system solutions are ideal for retrofitting. Whether for a series of products or specifically for individual systems within your company, the ACS team is happy to help you find the right fit. If you have any questions about our oil thermostat for housing installation or other components in our portfolio, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts are happy to advise you and put together the right cooling technology system for you. With our experience in all industrial sectors, we ensure custom implementation for your operational needs, as well as attractive pricing options.