Housing thermostats
Housing thermostats

Housing thermostats from ACS

Our high-performance housing thermostats impress with their high functionality. Thanks to the existing hose connection and the optimally designed mixing chamber, the thermostats can be used flexibly and without problems. Examples of this can be found in the production of trucks and cars, but also in municipal and defense technology. Due to their high level of reliability and durability, the thermostats are also used in motorsports, where they perform the tasks assigned to them with flying colours. If you do not know whether you can use our thermostats in your area of application, simply contact us.

Housing thermostats: various designs to fit your needs

We offer our customers different types of housing thermostats. With the electrically heated “map thermostat”, wax in the self-acting element is heated by the coolant and additionally by an electrical heating resistor. Thanks to this combination, the motor temperature can be individually regulated depending on the load requirement, even before the cooling medium reaches a higher temperature. The expansion element’s heating is controlled by the electronic engine management system based on various parameters.

The electrical heating of the thermostat causes the coolant circuit to open early in situations where power demand is increased. For example, depending on the pre-setting, the motor can be operated in the partial load range at around 100° C - 110° C, or, hotter than usual. This results in a consumption advantage of one to two per cent. At full load, the temperature is reduced to around 80° C, which increases the power and especially the torque measurably by two to three per cent.

As a side effect, by changing the coolant temperature, the air conditioning system can also operate in a more favourable temperature range, improving the passenger compartment’s air flow.

Advantages of using high-quality housing thermostats

In addition to improving engine performance, our housing thermostats offer other advantages that are particularly important in trucks and cars. For instance, the change in coolant temperature also has a positive effect on the air conditioning system. The system can be operated in a temperature range that is better for you, so that the cooling of the passenger compartment takes place faster and, above all, more efficiently. As you can see, you will benefit in several ways from the use of our high-performance housing thermostats!

Individualised solutions for our customers

We know that not all of the housing thermostats we offer can be used in all applications. If you have any special requirements, please let us know. Our experts can often find suitable solutions for your individual needs and offer the necessary support. Thanks to our experience, we can implement almost any customer request.

We’re happy to answer your questions

If you have any questions about a specific housing thermostat or would like to find out more about other products in our offering, we are happy to assist you. Contact us and let our experts advise you. We look forward to welcoming you as a customer of our company in the future!