Thermo Fluid Control
Hot and cold – precisely regulated.
Temperatures safely under control.

Thermo Fluid Control

Precisely controlled hot and cold - temperatures safely under control.

Professional implementation of thermo fluid control with ACS Germany

Temperature control in heating or cooling circuits using oil or water/glycol is an established method used in machines, systems and vehicles. Optimal temperature control is indispensable when keeping your production running smoothly or using your vehicles. With our thermal fluid control solutions, ACS Germany offers you the best equipment for your systems and units. Get in touch with us to safely and professionally regulate temperatures in both directions.


What distinguishes modern thermo fluid control?

The control of coolants and heat carriers has a significant impact on the function and performance of your systems. A leading example is the oil cooler in a motor vehicle, which should heat up as quickly as possible after a cold start of the vehicle for maximum functionality. The sooner the oil is brought to the optimum operating temperature, the faster you will save fuel and benefit from higher performance of the vehicle. This process can be accelerated significantly by installing special valves for regulated thermo fluid control.

Intelligent control of the cooling and heating technology is important for all machines, systems and units that rely on a heating or cooling circuit. ACS Germany shows you how your existing systems and plants can be optimised in order to accelerate work processes and noticeably reduce the energy requirements of the system overall.

Precise regulation of hot and cold with our technology

For over 20 years, our company has specialised in optimising temperature levels in oil and water-based cooling circuits. By choosing to use one of our proven products, you are guaranteed a multitude of advantages:

  • quick and direct heating or cooling effect in the system
  • reduction of the impending wear and tear of all machine parts involved
  • quickly reach the optimal operating state after system start
  • long-term lowering of your energy and operating costs
  • tailor-made solutions for every type of machine and system


Our strengths lie equally in stationary and mobile hydraulics, and we serve industrial companies from all sectors. Our concept provides for fast and individual processing of our customers’ projects in order to help you to find the desired system solution in a timely manner. As part of an initial analysis, our experts will show you where your cooling circuit can be optimised and demonstrate potential savings based on specific figures.

Our products are almost exclusively "made in Germany" and stand for the highest quality, which we and our partners are constantly developing. In addition to our strengths in analysis and sales, after the installation and commissioning of your new thermo fluid control system we will continue to be there for you with a professional and service-oriented approach. Perfectly tailored to your individualised needs, we will work with you to develop optimal solutions for the future.

ACS Germany – partner for thermo fluid control and more

Choose tried-and-tested products and the know-how of ACS Germany and you’ll avoid expensive disappointment due to inadequate control technology goods. Our quality products will work seamlessly with your machines, systems and vehicles for many years and ensure the desired performance with low wear and tear.

If you have any further questions about thermo fluid control or would like specific support, please contact us! The ACS Germany team looks forward to your inquiry and will be happy to talk to you about the possibilities of modern thermo fluid control. If you already know which products you need, you can choose from our portfolio of high-quality controllers and thermostats. We look forward to hearing from you by email or phone.