BTM - Multifunction - oiltemperature regulators
BTM - Multifunction - oiltemperature regulators

Multifunctional allrounders

Based on our oiltemperature regulator of series X1.202. also our new BTM model X1.439.*).000 offers the well known advantages!

The BTM-Multifunction-Oiltemperature regulator with integrated oilfilter connection offers additional advantages to the user:

  • Reducing costs because of replacing unnecessary oil pipelines and fittings, seperate oilfilter and our thermostat, oil precleaner, check valve, fast/slow down discharge control and oil control assembly with oil sight glass.
  • Most effective mixing of the oil streams inside the combined housing for thermostatic valve and oilfilter.
  • Minimizing assembly time, servicing and maintenance costs, as well as breakdowns and oil leakings due to less valves and pipework and integrated high temperature control.

Possible optional features are available:

  • service indicator for oilfilter optical and electrical
  • temperature switch for cooling fan drive
  • oil sight glass/check valve with connection for oil scavenging line

Further advantages:

  • Small dimensions and low weight
  • Fixed temperature setting
  • Installation independent of location
  • Insensitive to mechanical vibrations and shocks
  • Small pressure drop due to flow adjusted configuration and large cross sections
  • Insensitive to static and dynamic pressures in the cooling system
  • Completely free of maintenance
  • 'On the spot repair' due to an easy replace of the oiltemperature regulator inserts
  • that means it is not necessary to remove the complete regulator housing from the system
  • No auxiliary external energy needed