BTM - Multifunction - oiltemperature regulators
BTM - Multifunction - oiltemperature regulators

BTM multifunction oil thermostat: our all-rounder

The BTM multi-function oil thermostats are equipped with an integrated oil filter connection and are the all-rounders among our oil temperature regulators. The simple piping and the reduction in assembly lead to high cost savings and minimise breakdowns and oil leaks, eliminating the need for complex assembly and maintenance. Furthermore, they are insensitive to mechanical vibrations and shocks, as well as static and dynamic pressures in the cooling system. The expansion elements can be replaced easily so the oil thermostat does not have to be removed from the pipe system for maintenance. The small dimensions and low weight round off the advantages of our multifunctional all-rounder.

BTM multifunction oil thermostat advantages at a glance:

  • Cost savings thanks to simple piping and reduced assembly
  • Intensive oil flow mixing in the common housing for thermoregulator and filter
  • Minimisation of malfunctions and oil leaks, complete freedom from maintenance
  • Small dimensions, light weight
  • Fixed opening temperature
  • Location-independent installation
  • Insensitivity to mechanical vibrations or shocks
  • Low pressure drop thanks to the streamlined design and optimised cross-sections
  • Insensitivity to static or dynamic pressures in the cooling system
  • Easy replacement of the expansion elements
  • No external auxiliary power source necessary


BTM multifunction oil thermostat model overview

We carry three models of BTM multifunction oil thermostat     s: BTM X1.439.*) .000, BTM X1.306.*) .000 and BTM X1.309.*) .000. All models deliver a maximum flow rate of 6 m³/h. The first model, BTM X1.439.*) .000, is the standard version with a 3/4 inch thread. It is based on the proven oil thermostat of the X1.202 series with corresponding advantages. The second model, BTM X1.306.*) .000, has the standard equipment as well as an optical maintenance indicator for the oil filter. The thread measures 1/2 inch. The last model, the BTM X1.309.*) .000, also has a visual maintenance indicator, includes a 3/4 inch thread and can be fitted with the temperature switches X8.121.*) .000 or X8.124.*) .000.

Our BTM models at a glance:

  • BTM X1.439.*).000: standard version (with advantages of the proven X1.202 series) thread: 3/4 inch
  • BTM X1.306.*).000: visual maintenance indicator for oil filter thread: 1/2 inch
  • BTM X1.309.*).000: visual maintenance indicator for oil filter thread: 3/4 inch


In order to give you a quote, we will need the flow rate, desired start opening, the threaded connections and the corresponding amounts. When ordering, please replace the character sequence "*)" with the start of the stroke. The start of the stroke of the self-acting expansion material element X4.319.75.299 is, for example, + 75° C.

Save money with the BTM multifunction oil thermostats

The BTM multifunctional system replaces a whole series of labelled components that are integrated into common multifunctional oil thermostats, thanks to the simple piping and reduced assembly. The spectrum ranges from screw connections, separate oil filters and thermostats, oil strainers and check valves to quick relief delay regulation, oil suction control and screw connection with oil sight glass. This not only saves costs but also eliminates any leakage points that would result in follow-up costs for assembly, customer service and maintenance.

Using the example of an oil-cooled screw compressor, it should be made clear which and how many components are replaced by the BTM multi-function oil thermostat with an oil filter connection:

  • Oil temperature regulator with screw connections
  • Oil lines with screw connections
  • T-piece with screw connections
  • Oil filter with screw connections
  • Check valve for oil suction line
  • Quick relief delay regulation
  • Oil suction control and screw connection with oil sight glass
  • Discharge line
  • Oil strainer with screw connections
  • T-piece with screw connections


If you have any questions about our BTM multifunction oil thermostats, please leave us a message using our contact form. You can also write us an email or call us. We’re happy to offer you personalised advice.