Coolant temperature regulators
Coolant temperature regulators

Coolant temperature regulators: powerful and flexible

Precise control of the coolant temperature is crucial in many engine circuits. Just like leading manufacturers of large engines, you can rely on our quality and find the right coolant temperature controller for your individual needs from us.

Our coolant temperature regulators impress with quality

Our coolant temperature regulators manage flow rates between 10–500 m³/h and can be used in connections with nominal widths of 45–200 to suit your individual needs.

The first-class quality of our thermostats has been well established through the years thanks to their use by leading manufacturers of large engines. Our coolant temperature controllers have proven themselves time and time again under the toughest conditions and in a wide variety of applications. Quality and reliability are important characteristics that our customers can always expect from us!

Types of coolant temperature regulators

We have two basic types of coolant temperature regulators in our product range, which allow you to find the right solution for any area of application. We offer our customers coolant temperature regulators with a ring slide insert, as well as variants with an expansion arm working element. In this way, the controllers can be optimised for your particular needs. Of course, almost all models have a manual emergency adjustment so that you can intervene quickly and safely in an emergency. We also offer the option of integrating a valve position indicator on the left or right of the controller. This allows you the ability to always keep an eye on the current settings directly on the controller.

Housing variants for coolant temperature regulators

Depending on the needs of our customers, we offer coolant regulators with housings made of gunmetal, grey cast iron or aluminium, among other things. This allows you to easily and conveniently adapt the controller with the housing to the corresponding area of application. For example, in the coolant circuits of diesel locomotives or ships, our coolant regulators in the robust “X3 series” are frequently used, as they can withstand high loads and are characterised by their reliability and stability.

In addition, similarly to our oil temperature regulators, we can simplify the entire structure and make it more compact when designing new engines by using integrated coolant thermostat inserts! Contact us if you would like to know more about these possibilities.

Coolant temperature regulators: tested for the highest quality

Quality is a particularly important issue for us and for our customers. For example, if the coolant temperature controllers we offer are used at sensitive key points, like in large oil and engine cooling circuits on ships, all control devices must be highly functional. We ensure this through comprehensive testing and review.

We place the highest value on perfect quality and precise control for all of our products. For example, if a ship gets stuck in port because the engine cooling circuit is not working properly, the shipping company faces high payment defaults and large mooring fees. Because of this, we offer our customers an extensively equipped service warehouse, through which we can deliver quick replacements to you. This allows problems to be resolved quickly and reliably.

Individualised solutions for you

As experts, we know that there are many different areas of application for our controllers and that they can be effectively integrated into new designs, among other things. However, there is always the possibility that your individual needs require something outside of our product range. If you’d like to know more about our coolant temperature regulators or if you have specific questions about individual products in our range, we are happy to help and look forward to hearing from you!