Coolant temperature regulators
Coolant temperature regulators

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Flow rates range from 10 to 500 m³/h and possibilities for dimensional connections from NW 45-200 are available.
Leading manufacturers of heavy duty engines are using our coolant thermostats in mass quantities for a number of years demonstraing the well-known quality of these devices. Under the most difficult conditions and in a great variety of applications our regulators have proven reliabilty of highest standards.

The whole line of the coolant thermostats - operating with wax expansion elements - is subjected to a continuous development and accommodation to our customers' requirements.

In general we offer two main types:

  • Coolant temperature regulators with replacable sleeve valve thermostat insert and
  • Wing operated coolant temperature regulators

All models are available with valve position indicator and emergency actuator.

E.g. in the cooling circuits of big vessels or lokomotives our coolant temperature regulators areused and reliably tested.

These are only a few advantages of our coolant temperature controls! For all types we are also offering repair sets and coolant temperature regulator inserts/wax elements separately to reduce your costs!

With coolant thermostat inserts it even may be possible for new engine constructions to have the temperature control integrated and designed to be more compact.

The usage of our coolant temperature controls at very sensitive places in the engine cooling system obliges us to check all controls on their proper function. We attach great importance to precise regulation and indisputable quality.

Anyway we carry a large and well-sorted spare parts stock and we are at your disposal within 24 hours for your short-term or service demands!