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Thermal valves & other thermal working elements

We place the highest value on first-class quality at reasonable prices. A higher degree of manual production, fast delivery times from our stock, and experienced technical expertise make the essential and decisive difference between us and our competitors. Whether it’s thermostatic valves, thermoregulators or expansion elements: all of our products are created to meet the latest technical requirements. 

High-quality thermostatic valves and thermoregulators made in Germany

We made a conscious decision to keep our production, quality control, service and technical sales in Germany. We believe this is the best way to meet the high demands we place on ourselves and our products. We combine design, quality, technology and application know-how into our top-quality components that are almost 100% made in Germany.

Our advantages at a glance:

  • State-of-the-art thermostatic valves and thermoregulators
  • High-quality components (made almost 100% in Germany)
  • High degree of manual completion
  • Fast delivery times (mostly from our stock)
  • Technical expertise


Matching expansion elements for thermostats and thermal inserts

Expansion elements form the core of our thermostats and thermal inserts. These maintenance-free working elements will impress with their long-lasting life and reliability. ACS individually produces these elements with a wide-range of operating forces, adjustable strokes and numerous control ranges. We use brass, aluminium and stainless steel to produce these elements.

Expansion element features:

  • Maintenance-free
  • Durable
  • Individual production
  • Actuating forces of 30–2.500 N
  • Small or large strokes
  • Control range: -20 to +130 ° C


Thermal regulators and inserts for a wide range of applications

Our product portfolio of thermal regulators starts with oil temperature regulators for pipeline construction that work according to the expansion material principle. For more compact installation in, for example, control or many-fold blocks, we offer housing installation thermostats that enable the direct and connection-free installation of thermostatic valves. Our BTM multifunction oil thermostats have an integrated oil filter connection and are multifunctional all-rounders.

We have the right inserts for every oil temperature regulator, and they can also be used as spare parts for replaceable expansion elements. We provide coolant temperature regulators especially for large engines that deliver flow rates between 10 and 500 m³ / h in a wide variety of areas. For large engines, our programme includes mapped ring slide thermostat inserts that regulate the cooling circuits.

Thermoregulator delivery programme:

  • Oil thermostats for pipeline construction
  • Oil thermostats for housing installation
  • BTM multifunction oil thermostat
  • Inserts for oil temperature control
  • Coolant temperature regulator for large engines
  • Mapping ring slide thermostat inserts for large engines


Engine overheating protection: temperature switches and sensors

Our unique temperature switches, based on the expansion material principle, are able to withstand the toughest industrial applications and ensure effective protection against engine overheating. The temperature switches are primarily used to control electric cooling fans in the engine cooling circuit, so that the engine does not exceed a maximum temperature. Above a set temperature, the expansion material reacts with an increase in volume, which sets a working piston in motion and the fan is switched on. When the temperature drops, the expansion material reacts and the fan switches off. Temperature switches are available both separately and integrated in a multifunctional oil thermostat.

Housing thermostats for hose connection

Our housing thermostats are fitted with a housing that includes an optimally designed mixing chamber. Equipped with an electric heater, wax is heated in the thermostat and the engine temperature can be individually regulated. This heating enables the cooling circuit to be opened at an early stage, even with increased performance requirements. This means that the engine can be operated at partial load ranges of 100–110 ° C, which results in a consumption advantage of 1–2%.

Your partner for thermostatic valves and regulators

If you have any questions about thermostatic valves or another thermal working element, please use our contact form. You can also send us an email at or call us at: +49 (0) 80 22 / 7064-0. We are happy to provide you with personalised advice.