ACS core business recreated quickly

Due to the financial crisis 2000/2010 turnover of ACS decreased not so much surprisingly.
More than ever we are glad to announce that 2011 our core business recreated quickly and Ended up in the best yearly turnover in ACS company history.

Klaus Aurich, General Manager of ACS:"The whole branch of engineering, machine-building and machinery construction can be proud of what they've accomplished in the 2009/2010. The way we've overcome the crisis is simply fantastic. We started a lot of efficiency programs.
Now we are heading even more towards a healthy increase of turnover and growth like the whole branch does. The demand also at ACS has turned into the right direction again. There were binary order inflows in 2011. It pays off now that ACS focused on highest level of flexibility and quality. This is why we can participate in the economical recreation now."