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  • Quality management successfully DIN ISO 9001:2018 certified

    We are pleased to announce that in April of this year, we successfully completed certification auditing by DNV:GL and are now DIN ISO 9001:2015 certified. Our stated goal is ensuring the consistent high quality of our products. With our quality…

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  • Hoppenstedt CreditCheck rates ACS as rank 1 company

    ACS belongs to the 4,4 % of german enterprises that have a Prime (AAA) status.

    Hoppenstedt is the leading publisher of financial information for businesses in Germany.
    With more than 20.000 customers, the group is among the leading suppliers of…

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  • Stainless steel now available

    For use in extraordinarily aggressive liquids like pure water we can offer now thermostatic inserts for controlling of cooling systems.

    Even continuous operation and heavy duty usage do not shorten the lifetime.

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  • ACS welcomes the 1000st customer

    We would like to welcome ALBE Engineering&Consulting to be our 1000st customer.

    We are sure that we can satisfy also their needs in the future regarding servicing and consulting.

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  • ACS plans enlargement of facilities in 2013

    To be even more flexible and quick in order handling ACS plans to enlarge its Facilities in 2013.

    The addition to buildings will we planned and set up by Wolf Industriebau.

    The completion is planned end of 2013.

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  • ACS chooses KARDEX

    For the new stock at Gmund/Germany, ACS installed 2 full automatic high-rise racks "KARDEX Shuttle Xplus" systems.

    "To satisfy the needs of our customers also in the future we almost doubled the capacity of our stock.
    The "KARDEX Shuttle Xplus" is…

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  • ACS core business recreated quickly

    Due to the financial crisis 2000/2010 turnover of ACS decreased not so much surprisingly.
    More than ever we are glad to announce that 2011 our core business recreated quickly and Ended up in the best yearly turnover in ACS company history.


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  • Top again ACS receives A-class supplier status from innovation leader FENDT

    With the prestigious supplier rating program FENDT is rating its suppliers regarding quality, logistics, service and environmental aspects.

    ACS counts to the well selected partners of A-class suppliers in 2010 and 2011. "We are happy about this…

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