Hoppenstedt CreditCheck rates ACS as rank 1 company

ACS belongs to the 4,4 % of german enterprises that have a Prime (AAA) status.

Hoppenstedt is the leading publisher of financial information for businesses in Germany.
With more than 20.000 customers, the group is among the leading suppliers of business information.
In today's rapidly changing world sustainability and continuity are crucial for successful customer relations and satisfaction.

Buyers use it often as strategic decision-making. Access to in depth information is pivotal to beginning a successful business.
If you are looking for Hoppenstedt we stand for high quality information, we offer our customers a reliable groundwork for their operational as well comprehensive and detailed information on the german economy then Hoppenstedt is the best choice for you.

In the area of company and financial information, Hoppenstedt delivers detailed information, addresses and business data for the 300,000 largest companies in Germany, including one million tier-one and tier-two decision makers. In addition, we have built the largest . In addition, we have built the largest German database for balance sheets and annual reports, with about 1.5 million datasets from more than 750,000 german enterprises. Hoppenstedt also closely monitors the national and international relationships of 1.200 large corporations with financial linkages to more than 300.000 companies worldwide.

"We are honored to get this highest possible rating status. This shows that all of our customers have been relying on a secure partner for decades. For some reasons sometimes we need to get payment in advance.
There has never been any problem for our customers to feel OK with this term of payment. Now also an independent honorable rating institution stated out why you can always trust in ACS" Sylvia Kerndl, head of finance at ACS commented.